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Welcome to Gbiz411.com, created by industry professionals to aid in the communication between those needing work or products and those offering such products and services. The idea is to bring these two together to form new networking bonds and to facilitate a one-stop place for all one's work needs.

Offer and Request Categories

Art, Graphic Design, Performance Art, Creative, Writing, etc.

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Cars, Car Dealerships, Auto Parts and Service, Mechanic Services, etc.

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Business and Financial
Accounting Services, Professional Consulting, B2B Services, Office Supplies, etc.

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Programming, System Design, Computer Repair and Parts, etc.

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American University Admission Services, Training, Tutors, Educational Products and Services, etc.

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Concerts, Festivals, Parades, Tickets, Volunteer or Paid Opportunities, Security, etc.

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Government Services
Government Services such as 8(a) and GSA Schedule Prep, Consulting, Government Grant Writing, etc.

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Household Products, Housesitting, Carpet and House Cleaning, etc.

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Web Design, Web Development, Programming, Web Hosting, Services, Websites, Forum Posting, etc.

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Job Postings, Resumes, Business Opportunities, Work at Home Positions, Telecommuting, etc.

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Legal Services
Lawyers, Legal Advice, Private Detectives, Bail Bondsman, etc.

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Boats, Marine Products, Ship Builders, Boat Houses, Docks, etc.

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Items That Are Not Sold in Other Categories, etc.

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Pet Products, Supplies, Services, Toys, etc.

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Real Estate
Real Estate Agents, Houses for Sale/Rent, Recruitment, Relocation Services, etc

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Travel Services, Agents, Vacation Offers, Tickets, Attractions, Tourist Information, etc.

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