GBiz411.com was created to bring industry together with clients and vice versa. With our request/offer system, companies can offer their products and services to potential buyers in a B2B environment, making their presence known in the workplace. At the same time, requests can be made for those that need work done that is not answered by the offers, making a simple, and yet effective method of connecting and networking these together to make the wheels of business turn much smoother.

The website itself is a project of Cambridge Management Group in Chantilly VA which licenses dedicated Unix servers from Steadfast Networks out of Chicago and runs custom software built from the ground up for this task.

Offers and requests are posted from the general public at large and unless otherwise noted, and CMG makes no guarantees or claims based on those offers/requests. We are merely a conduit for the clients and industry to be able to connect with eachother. Any disputes must be taken up with those who have posted. For more information see our FAQ and Terms of Use